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Alumni Impact

Alison Kurtz


Alison Kurtz, Class of 2007, is Vice President of Leadership Centre County. In addition, she sits on multiple committees like Governance Day Committee, Executive Committee, and Leadership Skills Day Committee. 

How did you find out about LEADERSHIP? 

I was aware of the program for many years before I participated. I honestly can’t remember who told me to join, but I am glad I did. 


How would you describe your experience going through the LEADERSHIP program? 

It was fantastic! I made lifelong friends through the program and although I grew up in Centre County, I didn’t expect to learn as much about the area as I did. 

What made you want to make the transition from alumni to board member? 

It came down to the fact that I believed in the organization and I wanted to support Leadership Centre County. As a near life long resident of Centre County, I am extremely committed to servant leadership which benefits our community. 

Tell us about your involvement on the board. What are some of your responsibilities? What is your favorite part? 

My favorite part of the organization is the people for sure. As Vice President of Leadership Centre County, I mainly provide oversight and governance to LCC. I feel that my most important duties revolve around the governance committee which includes making policies and positioning the organization for continued success. 

How does Leadership Centre County make a positive impact on the Centre County community? 

When people graduate from LCC, they tend to get more involved in the community. We are training people to give back to the community by serving in volunteer positions on boards. LCC creates a large pool of servant leadership which in end makes the community stronger and more vibrant. 


What do you like to do in your free time? 

I used to do a lot of extreme sports but my body is nudging me into less physically demanding activities. I enjoy cycling, hiking and being in the woods. I also love to cook, making sure to put extra love into everything I make.