A New Brand of Leadership


Over the last 27 years, since Leadership Centre County’s inception, our organization has grown and evolved to a destination for those looking to develop leaders in Centre County.  A priority of our most recent strategic planning that took effect this year was to ensure that our brand and marketing evolved into a recognized symbol, synonymous with leadership in our community.


The goals of the brand refresh were clear - recognize the past we have grown from, present modernized messaging and logos, ensure consistency in messaging, make sure our brand could reach the next generation of leaders on all platforms and last, but in many ways most importantly, create a brand that provided greater visibility for the organization and the incredibly valuable services we provide to our graduates and this community as a whole.


How we got to this point was no easy task.  Encompassing all that LEADERSHIP embodies in one mark is difficult to say the least.  The committee, the board, organizational stakeholders and our creative partners all had a purposeful part to play in this process.  From the initial creative RFP to the final logo selection, every detail was analyzed and measured against the goals laid out.


We extensively audited how our brand was currently being used and made sure each creative idea was evaluated for current needs but also looked at for use in the future. 


The discussions that came out of these review and strategy meetings were inspiring.  The passion this organization evokes was evident in each session and through this process we’ve identified themes that helped well beyond the new brand but can be used in future fundraising and recruiting efforts.


The LEADERSHIP board and the entire task force were unanimous in their adoption of the new brand – we are confident in this new look and are excited that the new brand gives our work in the community new meaning, a bold new look yet is derived from our past.


Our past and the deep roots we’ve nurtured in the community were always at the front of our minds through this process.  From prior branding we’ve pulled the upward pointing arrow and the feel of forward momentum, the colors are familiar yet new and the clean lines remain consistent.  The “elevated L” that forms our new logo tells the story of how our organization lifts the entire Centre Region by elevating leaders through our programs and support. The new look is bold but based in tradition.

The story of LEADERSHIP is bigger than a new logo.  It’s all of you and your individual experiences with the program and how they change your lives going forward.  This simple yet bold mark will carry LEADERSHIP forward into a new decade, one in which we’ll celebrate 30 years of leadership training in Centre County!

​We are so excited to enter this new chapter of the organization and not just help to write those stories but tell them with this bold new look.

We thank you for your support over the years and look forward to moving into the future with YOU!


For a complete look at the full new Brand, please visit our new 2020 Brand Guidelines Manual, available for download here.