What We Do

We believe that when individuals in a community have the right tools, their impact on that community is exponentially greater. Our goal is to transform ordinary citizens into extraordinary civic leaders through routine, strategic, and systematic programs and workshops designed to help individuals contribute to a thriving community.

Our flagship program trains class members to work collaboratively for the good of the whole community through a 10-month exploration of local socioeconomic issues aimed to increase civic engagement in Centre County.

Hear stories from alumni on how the CLP has helped them impact their community.


This educational and networking program kicks off with a two-day retreat in the fall and runs through June with monthly program days each dedicated to exploring a different aspect of our community. 

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Prospective class members must apply online, and a class of about 50 adults is selected by a committee to participate. Those selected pay tuition and dedicate one full day a month to learning about Centre County arts, history, economy, education, health and human services, government, and the environment.

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In this series of one-off workshops, lectures, and seminars, community leaders seeking to expand their nonprofits’ reach and efficacy can explore topics in four areas of nonprofit effectiveness and sustainability: adaptability, leadership, management, and technical capacities.

LEADERSHIP’s TLS workshops are affordable, timely, and open to the public. Attendees find an environment for networking, sharing, benchmarking, brainstorming, and learning. Community members have the opportunity to explore and examine issues facing their community and shape future workshop offerings. 

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